Supporting the Elaboration and Operationalization of the Nema-Chosso Project Exit Strategy

As implementation of the National Agricultural Land and Water Management Development Project (Nema-Chosso) in The Gambia nears its completion, the project is working on the implementation of an exit strategy to ensure ownership at the local and national levels as well as the sustainability of key results and achievements. In this framework, the project has signed an agreement with WARF to provide technical assistance for the development and implementation of the strategy. The project exit strategy, being implemented over a 1 year period, seeks to ensure that key project results and achievements are consolidated and sustained and that progress towards the achievement of the long-term project development objective will continue after withdrawal of external funding. The Nema-Chosso exit strategy is structured around the following 3 strategic pillars: Completion, Correction and Consolidation; Sensitization, Information Sharing and Mobilization; Capacity Building