The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is supporting The Government of the Gambia to implement the Resilience of Organizations for Transformative Agriculture Project (ROOTS). ROOTS is a 6-year initiative, costing about 80 million US dollars, will consolidate and expand the gains from previous IFAD investments in the country. The project is being implemented in 39 Districts across the 5 Regions in the Country. The project will benefit 40,000 households and it is expected that 80% of the project beneficiaries will be women and 25% will be youths.

The goal of ROOTS is to improve food security, nutrition and smallholder farmers’ resilience to climate change in The Gambia.  The Project Development Objective (PDO) is to increase agricultural productivity and access to markets for enhanced food security and nutrition, and resilience of family farms and farmer organizations.

ROOTS is being implemented through 3 main components: Agricultural Productivity and Adaptation to Climate Change; Access to markets; and Project management, Institutional Development, and Citizen Engagement.